Present-day investors, CEOs and other top executives in Africa are faced  with numerous challenges for which they must formulate urgent solutions. 

What are the most important focus areas to invest in – people, new markets, new technologies etc.? How do they become more competitive, more efficient and how do they grow their businesses locally, regionally and internationally? How do they identify new partnership opportunities, including with government agencies? How do they mainstream digitalisation and sustainability into their operations?

The Africa CEO Summit is the premium event for investors, CEOs/Managing Directors, C-Suite business leaders and executives, successful entrepreneurs, government and NGO officials and experts from Africa and globally to answer some of these questions, and more!!

The three-day high-level conference and expo provides the platform for key decision makers in the private, public, non-profit, academic/research institutes to learn, share and network, while discovering new opportunities, practices, technologies and trends that they can adopt to foster digital innovation and transformation, build more more agile and resilient businesses post Covid-19 pandemic and enhance the sustainability agenda in their businesses and communities where they operate in Africa.

Some of the most important start-ups, established businesses, large corporates and regional and multinational giants operating in Africa are set to attend this high impact Summit, that will be addressed by the most impactful leaders from Africa and beyond.

Changing times, changing dynamics

The Covid-19 pandemic, the continuing climate change crisis and the Ukraine-Russia war have created disruptions and long-lasting effects on the economies of African countries. 

On the other hand, these challenges have offered business leaders, governments and other stakeholders in Africa the opportunity to utilise the latest technologies and ideas to create a Continent that is more self-reliant, with excess produce and goods and services to export to the rest of the World. 

The crises have also created the need for Africa to fast-track digital transformation, increase local investments, adopt sustainable business and community initiatives and to take advantage of the AfCFTA and other pan-African initiatives to grow pan-African trade. 

The theme of this year’s Summit will centre around how the private, public, non-profit and academia can partner around taking advantage of emerging digital technologies and sustainability agenda to transform Africa to a future that is better economically and socially; cleaner and greener; more diverse and more self reliant to meet the needs of its growing, young population for a better, more prosperous Africa.

This is a pan-African event that you dare not miss!!


The Summit will be attended by investors, industry leaders and C-Suite managers in the private, public, non-profit and academic/research sectors of the economy from Africa and beyond, including:


Food & Agriculture 


Manufacturing & Retail


Energy, Oil & Gas


Aviation, Supply Chain & Logistics 


Built Environment & Infrastructure


Govt, NGOs & Development Organisations


Fintech & InsureTech


HealthCare & Personal Care


ICT, Digital Technologies & Media


Education & Professional Services


Hospitality & Tourism




The Summit will cover the following key agenda items across the value chain, and which are key issues for businesses, governments and other stakeholders in Africa, including:


Discover the future of digitalisation in Africa and how businesses, governments, non-profits and other stakeholders can tap into rising opportunities to drive improved efficiency, better communication and regional and global trade while reducing risks and security – especially in the post Covid-19 era


Africa is in dire need for better connectivity – be it through infrastructure like roads or by aeroplanes or internet cables. Discover what the future holds as Africa taps into new opportunities brought in by the AfCFTA trade deal – and how your organisation can gain with better connections of people, countries and businesses


Gather the latest insights on how Africa can implement the sustainability agenda – from building local supply chains, enhancing renewable energy adoption to fine-tuning the utilisation of scarce resources while minimising waste and enabling a circular economy, diversity and inclusion – by businesses, communities, governments and stakeholders 


Africa’s young, rapidly urbanising population is set to double to 2.5 billion by 2050. The urgent need to grow more agricultural, livestock and fisheries produce in the continent to meet rising demand and reduce reliance on imported food is rising by the day. Get unique insights on how Africa can become more self-reliant on food at this Summit


The Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the fore the need to invest in more affordable, accessible and local healthcare infrastructure and medical devices and drug manufacturing facilities, to keep Africa healthier. Discover the future of the healthcare industry in Africa at this pan-African Summit.


Africa’s power deficit is the largest across the World, with a majority of its citizens still having no access to light their homes and commercial ventures. With vast power resources, including renewable sources, discover the future of powering Africa to improve lives of communities and boost manufacturing and trade


The opportunity of investments in Africa are massive, considering a growing population, fast-growing economies and changing consumer preferences. Discover the future of financing the next wave of investments in Africa, and the market trends and opportunities that your business can tap into to thrive.


The future of Africa as an economic giant is tied to how it attracts small, medium and large scale manufacturing of its vast agricultural produce, minerals, oil and gas and other resources. Discover from leading players how Africa can tap into its growing market, AfCFTA and growing global markets to become the engine of manufacturing in the World.