The Africa Sustainability Summit is a high-level in-person and virtual conference and expo that defines the future of sustainability in Africa.

The Summit provides the platform for key decision makers in the private, public, non-profit, academic/research institutes from Africa and beyond to learn, share, engage and network, while discovering new opportunities, practices, technologies and trends that they can adopt to enhance the sustainability agenda in their businesses and communities in which they operate.

Some of the most important start-ups, large corporates and multinationals operating in Africa are set to showcase their sustainability agendas and achievements and challenges over two days of high impact conference sessions that will be addressed by investors, C-Suite managers and other leaders. 


Since 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that Africa must do more to become self reliant and that new forms of partnerships are needed to deliver on this ambition.

The theme of this year’s Summit will revolve around how the private, public, non-profit and academia can partner around the sustainability agenda to transform Africa to a future that is better economically and socially; cleaner and greener; more diverse and more self reliant to meet the needs of its growing, young population.

It will also cover how the adoption of renewable energy and digitalisation will contribute to a better, more sustainable Africa.


Sustainable Local Production & Sourcing

Renewable Energy Transition

Environmental, Social & Governance 

Cleaner, Circular Economy

Ethical Financing & Investing

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategies

The Planet & Net-Zero Strategies

New Technologies & Digitalisation